The Nordic Fashion Biennale proudly presents

NFB 2014  opening date March 21 at 19:00

The Next NFB event takes place in Frankfurt, Germany. The host of the event is the Museum of Applied Arts. The opening date is March 21nd at 19:00. The NFB Summit will be March 21st.

The Weather Diaries exhibition is from March 22nd - June 22nd.

21.1.2014 : The Weather Diaries PR Images

We have released 11 amazing PR images for the Weather Diaries exhibition. Take a look!


12.11.2013 : Designers in NFB #3

Participating designers in NFB #3 are: Mundi, STEiNUNN, JÖR, Kría, Shoplifter (special guest artist), Guðrun & Guðrun, Barbara I Gongini, Rammatik (special guest artist), Bibi Chemnitz, Najanguaq Lennert Davidsen, Nikolaj Kristenssen and Jessie Kleemann (special guest artist).


27.2.2013 : Cooper & Gorfer to curate NFB '14

The renowned artistic duo Cooper & Gorfer have been commisoned to curate the next NFB, that is due in March 2014.


Upcoming events

NFB SUMMIT 21.march 10:00-17:00

The NFB summit is a unique opportunity to meet and network with designers and players of the creative industry, focusing on the global context  of the West Nordic countries. Keynote speakers are David Shah and Christine Boland. 


NFB OPENING 21.march 19:00

The Weather Diaries exhibition will be formally opened the 21st of March at 19.00. Expect live music, performance by Shoplifter and more. Safe the date!


Knitting rhythm workshop March 22nd at 13:30

Knitting Rhythm workshop with Steinunn Sigurðardóttir, icelandic designer, on Saturday 22nd of March at 13:30.